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Teaching respect for oneself, others

May 3, 2012 Raising a respectful child is one of the three Rs (responsibility, respect and resiliency) that are part of a parent’s job description. If we hear a three-year-old say, “No, I do i. more »»

How to avoid the homework crunch

May 3, 2012 After a long day at work, one of the last things a working parent wants to come home to is a pile of homework. Kids certainly aren’t the only ones who dread i. more »»

Help teens find perfect prom dress

May 3, 2012 Prom season is right around the corner, and as I see photos and video clips of the dresses worn this year, a sympathetic grimace creeps over my face. more »»

Monitoring your child’s online behavior

May 3, 2012 “Facebooking” and “YouTubing” are no longer just a “cute” thing kids do for fun to pass the time. more »»

How much praise is too much?

May 3, 2012 I was on my run the other day and stopped at the park to get some water. While there I sat on a bench and drank my water, I closed my eyes and listene. more »»

Older students and retention

May 3, 2012 For some students, the fear of being retained looms all year in their school lives as they sit in a classroom, struggling to learn and achiev. more »»

Schools and special needs

April 4, 2012 As a result of the 1997 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, students with special needs have been integrated into regular education classroom. more »»

Creating an inclusive environment

April 4, 2012 Inclusion is more than just an accessible building. Inclusion happens when everyone is welcome, participates and belong. more »»

Ohiya characters come to play

March 5, 2012 An Ohio company introduces some fun new characters for older kids! Based out of Cincinnati, Jason Tharp, the creator and artist behind Ohiya says, “Ohiya is a magical land I’ve created that’s... more »»

Kids production

March 5, 2012 Mid-Ohio Valley high school students and young adults are invited to audition in April for the local Theatre de Jeunesse theatre arts program’s production of the musical comedy “Once Upon A Mattress. more »»

Prepare for kindergarten

March 5, 2012 “It’s too soon! We still have plenty of time. more »»

Read to preschoolers every day

March 5, 2012 Reading to preschoolers can be a quiet time of fun and discovery. Find a special place and time for reading. The place may be the sofa in your living room or a special chair on the front porch. more »»

Involved parents can set TV guidelines

March 5, 2012 Here are some guidelines for parents who decide to let their children watch television: Allow your child to watch only the programs you think are appropriate for him/her. more »»

Help your preschooler deal with stress

March 5, 2012 By Paula Strawder Preschoolers need loving reassurance and support. They have little control over their lives and are too young to use adult problem-solving skills to work through situation. more »»

Helicopter parents raise kids who cannot fly alone

March 5, 2012 I was reading a recent article on the subject of “helicopter parenting” and how cell phones and the internet have changed parents' ability to hover over their children. more »»

When perfection, homework collide

March 5, 2012 Does your child erase and redo homework over and over again until it’s just right? Is anything less than 100 percent not good enough? Welcome to the world of perfectionism, where unrealistic... more »»

Teaching healthy eating lifestyles

January 30, 2012 As the new year evolves into just another turn of the calendar, messages from commercials, pop-ups and newspaper advertisements tell us to get in shape, lose weight and design a healthier diet of... more »»

Tips to keep kids safe inside, outside cars

January 30, 2012 Parents help children learn how to be safe around cars. Teach the following rules to prevent car-related injuries while children are in your care. more »»

Indoor activities for you and your child

January 30, 2012 It is a cold, rainy day . . . or school is canceled due to snowy conditions . . . or 105-degree weather outside is beyond enjoyable. more »»

Putting the time back in quality time

January 30, 2012 My generation came up with a term to assuage the guilt of breaking up a family. We divorced our partners and then told our children we would be spending quality time with them. more »»



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