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December 11, 2014
Rob Lucas , MOV Parent

Dixit is an award winning card game of beautiful illustrations and creative guesswork by Jean-louis Roubira, and distributed in the United States by Asmodee. With a play time of about a half an hour, and for a group of three to six players, this colorful and quirky game is sure to be hit with your family.

Each player has a hand of six random cards and take turns being the "storyteller". Each turn, the storyteller secretly selects one of their cards and describes it to the other players. The descriptions can be a word, a sentence, a story, the title of a book or movie, or even a sound or song. They then place their card face down and the other players look at their own cards and choose one of their cards that most closely match the storyteller's description. All of the played cards are then shuffled and placed face up on the table. Players then vote on which face up card they believe the storyteller played.

The storyteller only gets points if some of the players pick their card. If everyone picks the storyteller's card, they were too obvious and get no points. If nobody picks their card, they get no points; so the story teller wants to balance between being too obvious and not describing their card well enough. The players who are not the storyteller get points for voting for the storyteller's card and for each vote for their own card, so they are trying to play a card that closely matches the storyteller's description.

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After the hand is scored, everyone fills their hand back to six cards and the next player becomes storyteller. The game is played until the deck of cards run out, and the highest score wins.

The game contents are beautiful and colorful and include 84 cards, 36 voting tokens in 6 different colors, and game scoring pieces in 6 different colors.

This is a fantastic game that your friends and family are sure to love. You can find Dixit for around $35 or less from major online retailers, at stores like Toys R Us, and don't forget your friendly local game store! (There are multiple expansions available as well, all which add more cards filled with unique art work.)

Our family loves this game and we think yours will too.

Good gaming!



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