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Get to dessert with new card game

May 26, 2015
MOV Parent

A new card game just released skips the meal and goes straight for the sweets with "Just Desserts" from Looney Labs.

The game is for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up, and retails for $18. Playtime says 5-30 minutes, but so far none of the games I've played have gotten near 30 minutes.

The players are acting as servers in a dessert cafe. Customers come in wanting specific "favorite" foods, but if those aren't available, they want desserts with specific ingredients. The players are competing to either be the first to serve 3 guests of the same card color, or 5 guests all of different card colors (there are 6 card colors.)

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Each player gets 3 cards of desserts to start, and 3 guests wanting to be served come out on the table. On each player's turn, they draw another dessert card, and draw an extra guest card that is put on the table. Then, they may either serve up to two guests, draw an extra card or discard as many cards in their hand they want, and draw back the same amount. The extra guest may stay unless it is the same color as another guest already out, if so, it or the current same-color card goes in the discard pile. The top guest card in the discard pile may still be served, as they are waiting at the door.

To "serve" a guest, the player must either give them their favorite food as listed on the card, after which they will receive a bonus dessert card as a "tip," or serve them foods with ingredients they like. Each dessert has a list of ingredients printed on the top. For example, the Belgian Waffle has a Fruit icon as an ingredient, and a Pastry icon as an ingredient. You can use any amount of cards to successfully give a guest the ingredients they want. Each guest will have a list of ingredients they want, and some have a list of ingredients they don't want. For example, The Emperor wants Devil's Food Cupcakes or Chocolate Angel Food Cake. The ingredients he wants are Chocolate and Cake. He does not want Vegetables and Fruits. So you may play any Dessert cards that contain Chocolate and Cake, as long as they do not also contain Vegetables or Fruits.

It's a pretty quick game to pick up, and my kids got the hang of it quickly. And the basic game play goes pretty fast. There are advanced rules you can add in, which include being able to poach or block already served guests, but the kids didn't want to add that aspect in. I enjoyed it as quick little game to play that won't take up a whole evening, and the illustrations (by Brooke A. Allen and Andrew Heath) of the desserts make me hungry! For younger kids, there really isn't a whole lot of reading involved, as you're mainly looking for symbols of ingredients on both the Desserts and the Guest cards (with the exception of knowing which Dessert is their favorite) and collecting color cards.

This is a fun family game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

You can learn more about the game at And look for Looney Labs Games at your local neighborhood game store - find a store near you at



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