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Give a book for holidays

December 13, 2018
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

By Amy Phelps

Want a good idea for your holiday season? How about a book? There's no better way to encourage a child you love to love reading.

There are several new holiday-themed books out. For middle grade readers is a new book from YouTube singer/songwriter Tom Fletcher with "The Christmasaurus" (Random House, $13.99.)

In this book for ages 8-12, a dinosaur egg rolled away from its mother and ended up freezing in the ocean, only to be discovered later by Santa Claus, who decides to hatch it and is surprised by what's inside.

Later, a young boy named William wants a dinosaur, and instead of a stuffed replica, he ends up with the actual Christmasaurus. Which may be a perfect gift for a dino-obssesed kid, but when a hunter decides he needs it for his collection, there's sure to be an adventure in store for William.

For others who are obsessed with dinosaurs, this is a perfect book. It has also been optioned for a movie and was a stage play in London.

For kids who are obsessed with diggers, tractors, forklifts and the like comes a holiday-themed book, "Where Do Diggers Celebrate Christmas?" by Brianna Caplan Sayres with illustrations by Christian Slade (Random House, $16.99.)

For kids ages 3-7, this book follows diggers, cherry pickers, forklifts, mixers, cranes, tanker trucks, tow trucks, tractors, food trucks and zambonis as they get a Christmas tree, hang lights, carry presents, sing songs, drink eggnog and do all of the fun holiday things.

For those who celebrate Hanukkah or those wanting a historical fiction book is "All-of-A-Kind Family Hanukkah" by Emily Jenkins with illustrations by Paul O. Zelinsky (Schwartz and Wade, $17.99.)

For kids ages 3-7, this book from Caldecott award-winning artist Zelinsky, is a condensed version of a series of books written by Sydney Taylor in the 1950s. Based around a Jewish family with five daughters living in 1912 New York City, the family is preparing for the first night of celebration, but the youngest, Gertie, has a tantrum and has to sit in her room as the family gets ready. Will she miss out on all of the fun or will she be able to participate?

This is a nice story that speaks on family traditions of all kinds.

I recently started as a volunteer with ReadAloud WV, which pairs up people with classrooms in which you read a book to kids at least once a week. I took to my classroom of kindergarteners "No Boring Stories!" by Julie Falatko with illustrations by Charles Santoso (Viking, $17.99.)

In this story, a group of unpopular animals including a giraffe necked weevil, a star-nosed mole, a yeti crab and a babirusa are writing a story about a princess who fights giant grape monsters.

But they keep having an overly cutsy bunny that wants to join in by hiding in the bushes, pretending to be a pillow and such because all the other cute animals want to write about Mommies and sleepy time, not action-adventure! Will they let the bunny join?

The kids all loved the bunny and thought it was funny that it kept trying to hide and was found. The story itself actually goes through all the parts of the story: character development, rising action, climax and falling action, so its informative as well as funny.

They all laughed and enjoyed it, so it was a successful read!



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